Sunday, January 18, 2009

Killed By Headers

Welcome to Killed by Crafts, a documentation of my ongoing obsession with handmade objects (and, more often than not, making those objects myself).

For my first post I thought I'd record the process of making the header for this blog. Rather than find some cool images online and throw something together with Photoshop, it seemed more appropriate to use rubber stamps, paper, and glue.

You might call this my rubber stamping station. Various ink pads, stamp sets, a tiny bathtub filled with thumb tacks (why not?), and my 45 carrying case that's actually filled with bits of paper and other ephemera. It all sits on an old school desk, inside of which I have some other printing supplies stored.

And now to get started:

At this point I finally figured out how to turn off the flash on the camera (I'm pretty curmudgeonly when it comes to accepting new technology--probably one of the reasons crafting appeals to me!). I prefer the warmer tones of these next few photos.

A little mod podge applied with a foam brush (okay, the flash looked a little better in this one):

And finally...

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