Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Typographic images

I'm always saving random images that I like, or that give me an idea for something else, to inspire me again down the road. Of course, then later on I never remember where they came from. I decided to do some internet sleuthing to find a source--below are some of the instances where I was successful. Noticing a theme?

Now that I know what this is, I've been trying to find photos of the rest of it, with no luck.

I don't know why, but I love punctuation marks. Particularly ampersands.

I think I need to get this book.

Never saw the movie but I'll take their word for it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


For Valentine's Day I gave Dave a few odds and ends--some books, a VHS copy of The Year Punk Broke (I don't know why it's not available on DVD!), and a tin of Jacques Torres hot chocolate. I made the valentine with a blank postcard and some wood blocks (those are really getting a lot of traction lately--see the T-shirt project), with a paper heart garland to decorate the wrapping.

Dave gave me some chocolates and this necklace I had wanted from Les Morceaux. He also brought carrot cake from Lloyd's and we enjoyed the evening re-watching Freaks and Geeks.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bedroom updates

I've been wanting to upgrade our comforter for awhile, and finally decided to go with a plain white one, topped with the rug, now being used as a blanket. (Which probably makes more sense anyway.) I really like how it looks, and the new comforter is pretty...comfortable. (It's been particularly hard to get out of bed since purchasing it.)

We also bought a slatted bench from 30 West (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Olivia the french bulldog before, but she is seriously one of the cutest, friendliest dogs I've had the pleasure of meeting, and she hangs out in a pretty great store). We'd been wanting one for a little while now, and while this one is a little beat up, I think we'll be able to clean it up and refinish it (just waiting until the weather gets a little warmer so we can open up all the windows while we work on it). I really like how it looks at the foot of the bed. It's also adjustable, which is pretty cool.

So now I just need a new rug to replace the old one. And a pair of new dressers to replace the ones that are kind of falling apart. And, now that I look at that photo, to clean all the junk out of the corner.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mason jar container #2

Several weeks ago I posted about using mason jars to store food items. This past weekend I finished off another jar of vodka sauce, this time to contain coffee beans.

I once again covered the lid with paper so it doesn't look so much like a jar of vodka sauce.

I tried to use a complementary pattern. I think they look pretty good together.

Here they are in their cheese crate, along with a coffee grinder. Which, admittedly does not really go along with them aesthetically, but it fits perfectly in the crate (and of course correlates thematically).

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Summer meal in the dead of winter

My birthday was last week, and a few days beforehand Dave asked me if there was any special meal I wanted him to make for me. I started looking through recipes and nothing was really jumping out at me--I mean, I certainly like food, but nothing particularly exciting was coming to mind. Until I got to the fried green tomatoes.

I wasn't even sure Dave would be able to get them at this time of year, but Whole Foods came through. He made one too many, I think, so my sandwich was about six inches tall, with more on the side. (Not a problem, really.) He also put together this pasta salad, served with a bag of Zapp's. It was the perfect winter escape, and we ate it while daydreaming of warmer weather, long walks outside, and road trips upstate.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eames house of cards

Several years ago, after being inspired by this DIY project, I made a custom Eames-style house of cards and gave it to Dave for Christmas. Much like the classic Eames card decks, which are adorned with brightly colored images of what the Eames called the "good stuff," these feature sections of various photographs, paintings, vintage advertisements and postcards, which I scoured from the magazine clippings I'd been saving for years (this is the type of thing for which that comes in handy).

And then they sat there in a stack for a couple of years, until a few months ago when we decided to finally start playing with them. (We like to make it a game, each taking turns adding a card.) Here's our first design.

After seeing some pretty impressive and intricate constructions on flickr, we decided to try to incorporate an arch. This one's been left up for awhile now, but I think I'm ready to take it down and try a new one. In fact, I'm thinking about making some more cards in general so we can create some really complex structures.