Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The apartment as a blank canvas

I'm finally done with moving stuff in (three weeks later), so I can now concentrate on actually getting set up in my new apartment. Here's how it looked on the first day:

Tons of floor space in the kitchen, though not nearly enough counter space. Luckily we had a separate counter from Ikea from a previous counter-deprived kitchen. Note the first of many, many boxes.

The master bedroom is huge. So huge that I could not get it all in one photo. The built-in shelves are pretty convenient, though the dark wood is a bit ugly (what can you do?). The lack of closet doors ensures that I will have to make sure I always keep my closet neat.

The living room is also pretty spacious.

The second bedroom--or should I say the computer/record/craft room. (It's actually looking like the crafts will be confined to the closet and only brought out when in use, with the crafting corner I had envisioned nixed in favor of seating. Makes sense--you need to be comfortable while listening to your records!)

And finally, the bathroom. I love the black and white tile. The hand-me-down shower curtain has already been replaced with a plastic liner. I'm thinking of getting this curtain--a little pricey for a piece of cotton (in my opinion) but I love the print. It's exactly what I was looking for!

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