Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Missing cord/Christmas list!

So I had some great posts lined up surrounding my Dead Horse Bay finds and a recent estate sale purchase, but after taking the photos I realized I have no clue as to where the cord to connect the camera to the computer might be--which of the dozens of yet-to-be-unpacked boxes could it be stashed in? The question is a bit daunting.

Thus, those images are trapped in the camera for now, throwing a wrench into my goal to start easing back into regular posting. So I'm instead relying on other sources for images until I locate the cord.

Which brings me to the actual subject at hand--I was browsing through some of the many links I've bookmarked over time, and noticed this gorgeous breadboard from the Swedish designer Sagaform. Not only is it a beautiful object, but it's also quite functional--I love a loaf of fresh, crusty bread but after slicing it there are always so many crumbs. Thus, breadboard with crumb catcher=brilliance.

And I've been eyeing Alyssa Ettinger's porcelain replicas of vintage milk bottles from various Brooklyn and Queens dairies. I think the one on the left is calling my name.

So come Christmas list compiling time, these are definitely two items making the cut. Otherwise I'm buying a couple of birthday gifts for myself.

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