Monday, November 9, 2009

A tour of the signage in Woodlawn

Saturday afternoon Dave and I took a short walk on the two main streets in our neighborhood: Katonah Ave and McLean Ave (the latter is technically in Yonkers, but it's more or less a continuation of the same neighborhood). The majority of local businesses are Irish pubs and restaurants, which is all well and good if you like Guinness and boiled bacon (sorry to say, I enjoy neither), but there are a few bakeries, restaurants, and delis that caught my eye. All told, it's not a particularly glamorous place, but it has its charms, and there's an abundance of great, old signs and lettering, on storefronts that look as though they've gone unchanged for decades. Here's a sampling:

Anna, I think I'll be dropping in on you soon...

I love that we have a chemist, not a pharmacy.

The lettering casts such great shadows in this storefront.

I don't believe I've ever seen a shop that specializes in hearing aids. The neon sign is particularly great.

On the way back home I noticed these bird footprints in the concrete, which I find totally adorable. It was a good walk.

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