Monday, November 2, 2009

One man's trash...

As promised, here are the items that I picked up while exploring the beach at Brooklyn's Dead Horse Bay last month.

In my last apartment I'd placed a few seashells and rocks in the bathroom window. This time around the bathroom window ledge features a collection of beach detritus of a different sort: what I believe to be an old perfume bottle, pill bottle, tea pot spout, ceramic plate shard, and the bottom of a Noxzema jar.

While it would have been better to find the whole thing, the thick, smoothed bottom of this cobalt glass Noxzema jar seemed like a great find to me. I like the raised lettering with giant "Z".

And again, though an entire teapot would have been incredible, there's something about just having the spout, with its gold details, that's kind of intriguing--you wonder what the whole thing used to look like. Same with the bit of broken plate. I love the cracks in the porcelain.

One of the two whole items I picked up--it looks to me like an old perfume bottle, sans lid. I like the ridges in the glass.

All in all, not a bad collection of stuff for one visit to the beach. It kind of makes me want to go back to see what else gets washed ashore.

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