Thursday, February 18, 2010

New-old mixing bowls

A couple weeks ago on the way to a family function we stopped at our favorite* pair of vintage furniture stores, 30 West and Mission Mod, which both are coincidentally in the same town where my mother lives.

While we didn't see anything on a larger scale that we needed--not that we need much at this point--we didn't leave emptyhanded. This assortment of pyrex mixing bowls were a much-needed replacement for the chipped and cracking set we'd been using.

I love the colors, and I don't even mind that it's technically not a matching set--in fact, I like the mis-matched aesthetic much better.

*I'm not just saying that because there is an insanely cute french bulldog named Olivia waiting at the door to greet you at 30 West. The man who works there is also very friendly and knowledgable
, and the prices are great. But man, that dog is cute.

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