Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fresh-squeezed orange juice

We recently were the recipients of a massive fruit basket, which contained seven rather large-sized oranges. So it seemed like the only sensible thing to do was to make fresh-squeezed orange juice using my trusty new juicer. It turns out that seven oranges makes exactly the right amount of juice to fill up two of our Angela Adams glasses--it almost seems like the good people at Stew Leonard's planned it that way.

It made a very nice addition to my usual breakfast.

1 comment:

  1. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice is the Best!!! I always think of Lucy squeezing juice for Ricky in the morning. Have you ever seen those old fashioned juice glasses, they were very small because of how many oranges you had to squeeze to get any juice. It must've been a real extravagance to have fresh juice everyday in a place that grew no fruit!