Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trip to the zoo

After living in the Bronx for a year we still hadn't gone to the zoo, so on Sunday we fixed this matter by making a visit with Dave's family. Here's his 7 year-old nephew getting a good look at a rhinoceros.

The zoo is celebrating Halloween all month long, so there were a lot of costumed children, which kind of enhanced the experience.

He did not want to wear a costume though (I guess 7 is just too old...)

In addition to a haunted safari and hay maze (the latter of which was kind of a letdown), there was an extinct species graveyard. A lot of them seemed straight out of Edward Gorey, from the great auk to the pig-footed bandicoot.

Apparently flamingoes would be white if it weren't for the pigments in the food they eat (which entails a lot of shrimp).

Giraffes. Obviously.

This guy was hanging out right near the edge of the fence. At one point it seemed like he was trying to break out.

This turtle was also on the friendly side, or so it seemed. I heard one little girl say "Daddy, I think he likes me!"

Riding on the monorail towards the end of our zoo trip.

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