Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Desert oasis

Now where was I?

After we left the dinosaurs, we continued on to Palm Springs, and after a few unsuccessful thrift store runs, arrived at the Ace Hotel. This kid really loved his scooter--I saw him riding it every time I walked by here, on both days.

Here's our room number.

I feel like I didn't really take such great photos of it, but the room was awesome. I have to admit, this was our main impetus for taking this little excursion.

They provide you with plenty of snacks, though I'm guessing they aren't free. (We did not partake of them to be on the safe side.)

Dave peruses the Ace Hotel guidebook. I was into the denim bed covering--it kind of inspired an idea for our own bedroom (which I of course have yet to carry out).

Say what you will, any hotel that has pictures of 70s-era Dennis Hopper pinned to the walls is okay in my book.

After exploring the room for a bit, we ventured over to King's Highway, the hotel's restaurant, which has a decidedly mid-century lodge feel to it, with the stone walls, hanging globe pendant lights, and the giant wicker elephant. I had the vegetable pot pie, which was pretty good.

The tables are outfitted with white Eames shell chairs with Eiffel bases. We sat in a booth for dinner (one of the most comfortable booths I've ever sat in).

Next morning at the breakfast table. The coconut French toast was satisfying, though Dave's chocolate croissant was even better.

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and went on a little self-guided driving tour of Palm Springs architecture before heading out of town. Here's the visitor center, housed in a former gas station. Sadly, it was closed that day.

Even though we were barely there at all, we had a good time in Palm Springs. I'd go back! I wish we'd spent a little more time in the hotel--they had a lot of good amenities that we didn't get to take advantage of. It was so cold we didn't even get to go swimming (though we did take a dip in the giant hot tub).

If we did go back, though, I might like to stay at the Del Marcos hotel, which we passed by on our drive. It's pretty much what the Ace wants to be, except it's been in business since 1947.

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