Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eames house of cards

Several years ago, after being inspired by this DIY project, I made a custom Eames-style house of cards and gave it to Dave for Christmas. Much like the classic Eames card decks, which are adorned with brightly colored images of what the Eames called the "good stuff," these feature sections of various photographs, paintings, vintage advertisements and postcards, which I scoured from the magazine clippings I'd been saving for years (this is the type of thing for which that comes in handy).

And then they sat there in a stack for a couple of years, until a few months ago when we decided to finally start playing with them. (We like to make it a game, each taking turns adding a card.) Here's our first design.

After seeing some pretty impressive and intricate constructions on flickr, we decided to try to incorporate an arch. This one's been left up for awhile now, but I think I'm ready to take it down and try a new one. In fact, I'm thinking about making some more cards in general so we can create some really complex structures.

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