Sunday, April 10, 2011

Street art at the library

Saturday after a visit to M0MA, we ventured across the street to the former Donnell Library Center to check out Pantheon,

a window exhibit featuring work by graffiti and street artists.

For me the whole appeal of street art is encountering art in an unexpected place, color and creativity where there is usually none. So when it's all collected together in a window, it loses something. Still, it was a pretty cool exhibition.

The location seems particularly fitting, considering the fate of the Donnell Library Center, which was one of the main branches of the New York Public Library for more than 50 years. In 2008 the library closed after the building was sold to Orient Express Hotels, with plans to raze the building and replace it with an 11-story luxury hotel, with the library operating in the lower level. Then of course after the financial crisis, the deal fell through and the library remains empty three years later.

Looking into a non-exhibit window at the construction inside.

I liked these door handles.

After that we got dinner at the Shake Shack (always worth the wait, even in the cold), were nearly attacked by a crazed squirrel hell-bent on stealing my fries, and saw a very funny movie.

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