Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My very own yeti

Last year I got to work a bit with a book called Beasties, which is a craft book on how to sew imaginary beings. The author built some great staged scenes of the projects using cinnamon sticks, cardboard, watercolors, and the like. (You can see a few of them here.) My department purchased a few of them from the author for our sales people's use, and I became rather enchanted with the yeti.

A couple of months ago, I had the nice surprise of receiving one of my own from the author as thanks for the work I'd done to promote the book. (She actually made various creatures for everyone who worked on the book, which is pretty crazy as they seem rather involved--but no complaints here!) Right now he's been hanging out on my bookshelf.

He looks kind of terrified in this picture. I suppose the ominous shadows in the background don't help.

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  1. Rwar! I love this guy! He reminds me of the Naugies, those little Naugahyde monsters. He's great!