Monday, May 23, 2011

Food trucks in ATX

I noticed that, like in New York, the food truck craze has caught on in Austin in a big way. For the most part, they seem to set up in designated areas, rather than rotating spots on city streets. All over South Austin we passed by dirt lots with three or four trucks parked, some, conveniently, with picnic tables, though most of them were closed every time we tried to partake. But there were a few exceptions such as the incredible Chi'lantro (please open a branch in NYC--or maybe not*) and CoolHaus (which has in fact just started up in New York).

We encountered trucks selling grilled sausages, food served in cones (except, strangely, ice cream), fried green tomatoes, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, Korean tacos, Mexican tacos, and even a trailer where you could adopt a pet (also closed when we passed by).

Here are just a few of them:

*While I've witnessed an explosion of new food trucks popping up within a three block radius of where I work--on any given day there will be at least three lined up on Hudson Street, maybe more, with new ones showing up every week--I have yet to really frequent any of them very much (which the exception of Joyride, which has created the Wednesday tradition of Stumptown coffee). The one time I tried getting lunch at Taim Falafel it took nearly 45 minutes from the time I got on line to when I was handed my sandwich. This seems to be pretty standard across most of the trucks--everyone wants to eat there, and they just can't churn out the orders fast enough. And when I only have an hour break, 45 minutes is way too long to be standing around waiting.

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