Monday, May 16, 2011

Deep in the throat of Texas

Just got back from a trip to Dallas and Austin. I'm still adjusting back to NY weather and working, but I thought I'd get the old slide show going...

At La Guardia Airport we actually got to board the plane from the runway. Very old-timey.*

Our first stop in Dallas was our hotel, where we found this giant stone slab carved with the Ten Commandments. Yup, definitely in Texas. *

Inside Twisted Root burger, where we ate some very sloppy but delicious veggie burgers.

Across the street, above the Eight Track Museum (sadly, not open when we showed up).

I don't know where this was but I like it. *

The sidewalk on the route to the baseball stadium (the reason we were in Dallas). Those holes in the concrete look cool but are a pain to walk on.

The man in front of us rang a cowbell every time the Rangers did something good. * This got old very fast.

Next morning, in front of Oddfellows while we waited for a table. * (Good breakfast/lunch**, by the way, but they don't know how to make a banh mi. Don't know why that's surprising.)

*Indicates photo by Dave. (He may also choose to take credit for the use of the word "old-timey.")

**I have an aversion to portmanteaus. I shudder whenever I hear someone say "staycation." Can't help it.

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