Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texas is the reason

While in Dallas we decided we had to make a stop at Dealey Plaza, the site of the Kennedy assassination. The Book Depository where Oswald was allegedly stationed has been converted into a museum, and the infamous window is set up to look as it did on 11/22/63. (As Bill Hicks said, "It's really accurate...cause Oswald's not in it.")

We'd been to the museum the last time we were in Dallas so we skipped that part but decided the plaza was worth another visit. This picture was taken while standing on the spot where Kennedy was killed (it's actually marked with an X). The sixth floor window is visible all the way to the right above the trees.

Wasn't kidding about that X.

I also love how "Grassy Knoll" is labeled as such.

The Zapruder film was shot from atop this concrete slab.

Many believe a second gunman was stationed behind this picket fence.

I don't really consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but this picture is pretty creepy, especially given that those people are probably standing on the X.

Love the shadows in this concrete structure behind the grassy knoll.

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