Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend in Long Beach Island

Every year around Labor Day Dave's parents rent a house on Long Beach Island, NJ, for about a week. We usually end up down there for a long weekend.

Saturday the beach was lovely and warm and we went swimming several times and dried off reading on the beach in the sun (not escaping without a burn, I regret to report). But on Sunday, the day these photos were taken, it was cloudy and windy and cold and gloomy.

We took a nice walk on it anyway.

Hard to believe this place was hopping with people only a day before. Other than a few troopers, like these kids fishing, the beach was deserted. For the 3/4 of a mile we walked along the shore we only saw two people swimming.

I love the way the jetties look, jutting out into the ocean.

Besides the beach, one of the best things about the shore is the treats. We couldn't help but get a box of fudge. I like the lettering on the package.

Though not as much as the contents. We went with chocolate peanut butter and triple chocolate. Can't go wrong there.

And a trip to LBI would not be complete without an ice cream cone from Skipper Dipper. I can remember going there as a kid nearly 20 years ago, when my family owned a boat that we kept docked not far from there. So maybe I'm a little sentimental--either way it's good ice cream.

Located at 9305 Long Beach Island Blvd. I really like the font on these numbers.

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