Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Card catalog of CDs

The last CD storage item we had was a really cheap and ugly particle board construction that, while doing a pretty decent job of storing everything, we were ready to leave behind when we moved. Then of course we had to find a new and better one. I recalled that I'd seen a public library branch reusing their old card catalog to store CDs, but in my online searches I couldn't find any that were big enough or within my price range (and I was not about to let the cardboard boxes of CDs remain stacked in the hallway until I hypothetically stumbled upon one at a flea market down the road).

Then I discovered that Target is currently selling card catalogs online. While a vintage item would have been countless times cooler, what with the provenance and all that, we decided to go with this one due to its convenience of being available right now. And it's actually a pretty nice-looking item (made from solid wood, not particle board).

I labeled the drawers with my favorite new toy, the Dymo Label Blaster.

Not all of the CDs fit into the card catalog, however, so we bought a few of these CD boxes from the Container Store, which look pretty nice stacked up there.

The boxed sets don't fit inside the drawers, but they look pretty nice displayed on top.

And I of course had to add a few little tchotchkes, like my new ceramic milk bottle. (Totally useless, maybe, but I love it.)

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