Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Steps to a more functional kitchen

Just recently I installed two items on the wall in the kitchen that have led to much greater efficiency.

I was getting a little tired of walking all the way across the room to the pantry every time I needed some seasoning. So I bought this spice rack at Ikea (only ten bucks!) and found the vintage Griffith's spice jars on eBay.

I love the look of the milk glass. The labels were sort of yellowing and ugly so I scraped them off and made new ones with the label blaster. (Combined with the card catalog, I had a lot of fun with the label blaster that weekend.) I think they look much better this way anyway.

On the same Ikea trip I picked up this wooden shelf and hung some of the pitchers that were crowding the top of the refrigerator. Now it's so much less cluttered, and the items are better displayed. Although I must admit, if money were no object, I would have much preferred this shelf. One can dream.

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