Monday, March 8, 2010

Destination: Marfa, Texas

I'm very excited to say that I've just booked a trip to Marfa, Texas, for Memorial Day weekend. We'll be staying at the newly opened El Cosmico, a campground on the outskirts of town that features renovated vintage trailers (as well as teepees and tents--but screw that).

We'll be staying in the Royal Mansion (above).

Here's a sample of what the interiors are like (not sure which one this is from). A little less 1950s retro (a la last year's trailer experience at the Shady Dell) and more 1970s hippie. Which I think fits in with Marfa pretty well (not that I've actually been there yet).

I look forward to four days of relaxing in hammocks, visiting art galleries, and maybe seeing some mystery lights.


  1. Oh this sounds so great! I never knew this one existed. I will be looking it up for sure. I found a Caboose hotel in Northern CA. We accidentally discovered it when looking for a place to have a pit stop. I'm so glad there are preservationists out there sharing these with the public. Have a great time! & Take Pics!!!

  2. It just opened a few months ago so it is pretty much brand-new. I'm intrigued by this caboose hotel—where in California is it? Also, if you haven't been to Bisbee/The Shady Dell you need to get there stat!