Monday, March 22, 2010

Walkway over the Hudson

We've been having such incredible weather this past week that I had to plan a little excursion for the weekend. I've been wanting to check out the fairly recently opened Walkway Over the Hudson, a former railroad bridge turned pedestrian bridge that spans the entire width of the Hudson River. (That's about 1.28 miles across, making it the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, according to the Walkway's website.)

This sign was across from where we parked, and appears to be part of an art gallery.

It's hard to see, but we passed this "Rolling Stones 78 tour" graffiti at the beginning of the walkway and I had to share. I love the random "Pink Floyd" underneath it. I really hope it's actually been there since 1978.

A view of the river from about halfway across the bridge.

The entrance on the other side of the Hudson.

Railroad tracks lining the coastline below the bridge, with the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge off in the distance.

Parts of the bridge go over land, so you can catch a glimpse into backyards and factories. I spotted this airstream trailer and it reminded me of how much I want one.

As I walked across the bridge I couldn't help but think about how it differs from another recently opened railroad bridge turned pedestrian walkway, the High Line. The Walkway is essentially a straight line of pavement, whereas the High Line is a winding path filled with interesting plants, railroad ties, and benches. Of course, the High Line doesn't have the incredible views of the Walkway (though it does have its own uniquely interesting sights). It's certainly a different experience crossing the Hudson River, looking out at the vast expanse of water. Overall, each has its own merits, and each is worth visiting.

For more detailed pictures of the Walkway, check out this Flickr set.

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