Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy day activity: Making a mix

This weekend brought the craziest batch of rain and wind that I can remember. We spent Saturday hunkered down in our apartment, although it did end up raining inside for much of the day (that bucket had to be emptied out multiple times, and every towel I own is currently in the wash). While keeping an eye on the buckets I decided to do something I hadn't done in a long time: make a mix CD.

Before I go on, I have to say that I much prefer mix tapes to CDs, but I can listen to a CD on my computer at work and in the car. (Note: most of the records that can be seen in the above picture didn't actually make it on the CD for some reason or another.)

There was a time when I used to spend hours on a mix tape. I'd get a big pile of records and spread them out on my bed, carefully working out the order--there's a bit of a science to this, as you need to make sure the songs flow nicely from one to the next, and then there's the whole issue of timing (hate it when a song cuts off at the end of the side). This time I kind of winged it, and as a result it's not my best work, though I'm still pretty happy with it.

I made a cover for it using my Yellow Owl stamps. My technique for naming mixes usually entails picking one of the song titles--pretty standard, I guess.

I found most of the songs online in some form or another, so enjoy:

Chambers Brothers - All Strung Out Over You
Half Japanese - Face Rake
The Rats - Broken Wire Telephone

Great Plains - The Night Won't Live to See the Day
Kurt Vile - My Sympathy
The Testors - MK Ultra
Neil Young - Thrashers
Abner Jay - Vietnam

Mike Rep & the Quotas - Out

DNA - Blonde Redhead
James Brown - Love Don't Love Nobody
Guided by Voices - The Other Place
The Who - Can't Explain
Pavement - From Now On
13th Floor Elevators - Splash 1
Yo La Tengo - House Fall Down

Tommy Jay - Lust, Honor, and Love

Pere Ubu - Life Stinks

Sic Alps - Bathman
Screaming Urge - You Make It Hard

Crime - Frustration
Hank Williams - Lost Highway
Poison Girls - Jump Mama Jump
Avant Gardeners - Strange Gurl in Clothes
Meat Puppets - Love Offerings
Daniel Johnston - Spirit World Rising

Daniel Johnston - Held the Hand
Avengers - We Are the One

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