Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The finds

The locker baskets were definitely my most useful Brimfield find, but I did come home with quite a few more great things.

I finally got some letterpress blocks that actually fit inside the tray I bought awhile back. I didn't want to spell anything, instead selecting a random assortment of letters and numbers based on shape, color, and overall aesthetic value. Like the baskets, I wish I'd bought more. But there's always next time!

Vintage milk bottles are a ubiquitous flea market item I'd always passed up until now. Maybe because they're so ubiquitous, and yet always seem overpriced to me. This one was only $5 (the seller assured me I wouldn't find a cheaper one that day), a decent size, and I really like the orange lettering. It'll make a nice carafe for water. I just wish it didn't say Massachusetts on it (the seller asked me where I was from and when I said "The Bronx" his only reply was "I'm not much of a city person").

The man who sold me this camera claims that it takes 35 mm film and that if I get it professionally cleaned it will work just fine. I'm kind of curious, but mostly I just like the way it looks on my shelf, and for $10 I thought, why not.

And here's my big spend of the day: a Russell Woodard sculptura armchair. I hemmed and hawed over it for a little while but ultimately reasoned that it was priced at less than half of what I've seen them sell for, and thus worth another trip to the ATM. Also, it's really comfortable. And I like it. And it looks good in my living room (I guess I couldn't really determine that until I got home, but I had an inkling).

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  1. Congrats on the Sculptura chair! We've been looking for a set for our patio for some time now--came close with a poorly listed pair on Craigslist, but we arrived too late! Maybe next time.