Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flea markets can make your life better

So maybe the statement in the title of this post is a bit far-fetched, but after buying this pair of vintage locker baskets at Brimfield the other day, that's kind of how I'm feeling. I'd been pretty confident that I'd stumble upon some, particularly because they've become a bit trendy lately (or at least I've been seeing a lot of them on design blogs), and I was sure they'd be perfect to put in my kitchen closet, which was in desperate need of organization. The gods did smile on me, as I found a guy selling them for $12 a piece (pretty good compared to what I've seen them priced at elsewhere). I only wish I'd bought more!

Which brings me to my kitchen closet. I'm almost too embarrassed to show the before photo (which is appropriately blurry). I used one basket to corral all the little half-used bags of lentils and rice and so on, and the other for boxes of ziploc bags and vacuum bags and such.

The results are pretty incredible. It's amazing what a couple of baskets can do. I hope it stays looking like this!

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