Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Homemade ice pops

I have been seeing ice pops everywhere lately, from this place near where I work to food blogs to design blogs...and, well I guess that's it. Anyway that and the sweltering heat inspired me to run out and purchase a set of popsicle molds (I mean, ice pop--apparently the popsicle people will sue you if you misuse their copyrighted name) and make my own.

I started out with this recipe for raspberry creamsicles that I saw on Design Sponge. Here they are in their molds, about to be transferred to the freezer. I personally think there was a little too much yogurt in the mix but I'd try it again with some adjustments.

Next I made my own concoction with frozen lemonade concentrate and frozen raspberries (leftover from the previous pops). I think I used half the lemonade container and maybe a cup of raspberries. My mistake was not using enough water--I ended up melting all of the pops and adding about a cup and a half more water, which worked pretty well. They're still pretty tart, but go down much easier.

I'm also thinking about orange creamsicles, iced coffee pops, fudge pops, maybe something with cream of coconut...more to come!

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