Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last weekend, upon the suggestion of my friend Jess (she's the one who gave me that awesome haircut), I went berry picking at Secor Farms in Mahwah.

It was the first day of raspberry picking at the farm this season.

We passed by some greenhouses on the way to the berry fields.

The fields off in the distance. The first 5 or so rows are off limits to customers, but the rest of it is up for the taking.

You wouldn't think so, but plucking raspberries from branches is hard work! Maybe it was the 90 degree heat, but I was exhausted after about an hour. But it was nonetheless a good time--kind of like a treasure hunt! (A lot of the berries weren't ready to go yet, so finding some nice ripe ones was sometimes a little tricky. You really have to look carefully.)

This branch was a particularly good find--lots of berries ready for picking.

It's a 2-pint per person minimum at Secor Farms, so we have 3 pints (I gave one to my mom) to use up. I think my future holds a lot of raspberry pancakes, muffins, jam, fresh raspberries in my yogurt...

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