Monday, August 17, 2009

Trip to Baltimore: Camden Yards

Before I get to Camden Yards, I feel the need to mention this man, who I first saw chatting with an employee at In Watermelon Sugar, a gift shop in Hampden. I wasn't paying too much attention but he seemed like a bit of a character. Not long afterwards, we saw him entering his home, pictured here. Yes, he has a giant photograph of himself in his window. The figurines of kitties and bunnies make it even better. Ah, Baltimore--what a great city.

Dave is a big baseball fan so Monday night we went to an Orioles game. They definitely have the best logo/mascot.

Whenever a player hits a home run out of the park they mark the spot where the ball landed with a bronze plaque. The street is scattered with dozens of these.

Here's one from Jason Giambi. You may remember his mustache from last season.

After only going to Yankee games it was a strange experience to see most of the seats empty. But apparently this is the norm at most stadiums.

Rows upon rows of empty seats. At least you can put your feet up!

Overall it's a pretty nice park. They close off the street to non ticket holders during home games and the walkway is lined with restaurants (one of which serves veggie dogs, supposedly), stands, and gift shops.

The sun sets over the stadium.

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