Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trip to Baltimore: Housewerks

Before heading to our hotel we stopped at Housewerks, a curated architectural and industrial salvage shop in an incredible building that is the former site of the Chesapeake Gas Works, as it was called upon its opening in 1885 (and which I somehow managed not to photograph).

The parking lot is littered with rusting treasures, such as these wire baskets that I toyed with inquiring about (I did not, in the end).

Some extremely rusty outdoor chairs lined up against the fence. I really want a pair of these but until I know I'll have a space for them I'm not too keen on undertaking a serious de-rusting project.

Note the barbed wire behind them--it seems this place gets broken into regularly. The drive through the neighborhood after leaving was kind of surreal, with bombed out buildings, gangs of children on bicycles riding out in front of the car, and a horse-drawn cart (think the "junk man" from
The Wire). So I guess keep that in mind when visiting the shop, though I didn't encounter any problems.

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