Monday, May 17, 2010

Andre the Giant Has a Posse

Saturday we went on a walk exploring Mott Haven and Melrose, two neighborhoods in the South Bronx. At one point we saw an Andre the Giant sticker on a lightpost and I said something along the lines of "I'm sure Shepard Fairey didn't actually put that up, but that's pretty cool." And then a few blocks later, we saw this...

Shepard Fairey has a show going on at Deitch Projects (the last one before it closes) and I guess he decided to make a collaborative mural with another graffiti artist, Cope2, while he was here. Here are some pictures of the making of the mural.

I love the Andre damask wallpaper.

On another wall of the same building is this huge graffiti mural (with more on the third side as well) so maybe this is a legal spot.

Funny enough, on Friday night I also spotted a combination of Andre and the Misfits skull on a building in Williamsburg, which I'd never noticed before*. It seems like he really covers a lot of ground when he visits a city.

Then again, maybe it had been there for years and I was just a bit more observant at that moment.


  1. Oh dang that Obey one is sweet! I love Urban art. There is a Documentary, I think it is called Beautiful Losers, its very good; all about the "underground" artists

  2. Beautiful Losers is great. You should also check out Exit Through the Gift Shop, which just came out not too long ago.