Monday, May 3, 2010

A visit to Wave Hill (and another epic walk)

Saturday we went out to Wave Hill, a 28-acre estate that has been converted to public gardens, in the extremely un-Bronxlike Riverdale. I'd never really been over there before, and it felt like I was suddenly transported into some random wealthy suburb in Connecticut or Westchester. We're talking $6,000,000 houses with unlikely addresses like West 252nd Street, Bronx, NY.

Despite being surrounded by weird rich people (more on that later), the grounds are lovely, with beautiful views of the Hudson. It's not that large so it didn't take too long to see everything, but we hadn't paid anything to get in (free entry on Saturdays before noon) so that was fine with me.

Here's the aquatic garden, with goldfish and lilypads.

And now, for the "more" I was talking about.

Wait for it...

Bam. Best picture ever. These people were all moving around in slow motion. I guess it's some kind of tai chi class? Sigh...moving along...

The above is actually about a mile away from Wave Hill, closer to central Riverdale. I don't know what the purpose of all those reflectors is, but they look pretty cool.

Right about then my camera died but after lunch at Liebman's Kosher Deli we walked down to the Broadway bridge and into Inwood, drank some coffee at the Indian Road Cafe (on Manhattan's only "road"), wandered around Inwood Hill Park (Manhattan's only primordial forest), and took the subway down to the Lower East Side to see the Styrenes and Pink Reason at the Cake Shop. Which was kind of a mistake, as by the time the show started I was feeling totally obliterated after my 15-hour day and 12 mile walk. I think we have a tendency to overdo it.

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