Monday, May 31, 2010

El Cosmico (or, our new home)

Much like our stay in Bisbee last year, while in Marfa we've been staying in a kind of RV park full of renovated campers called El Cosmico. Our camper, the Royal Mansion, is pictured above.

And compared to the one we slept in at the Shady Dell, it kind of is a mansion. Note the (extremely comfy) leather couch.

The view going the other way. It actually has a working stove and oven.

The equally comfy bed (I really like the orange quilt).

These lights get really hot.

We have an outdoor shower right next to the camper, which we can access via a side door. It's kind of like being naked outside because there are only three walls.

A view of some other campers. Note the colorful array of tents in the background. The girl who took us to our camper commented that it looked like a "refugee camp."

Anyway, despite the fact that I have to sit in the communal lounge to access the internet, shower outside, and sleep in close proximity to hippies, I love our camper. I kind of want to just live in it. Dave has said multiple times, possibly half jokingly, that we should just buy one of our own. Although we might need to buy a second one to fit our records and books.


  1. Oh wow! I would love to go there. What is the daily rate? It couldn't be too pricey with all of your "amenities!"

  2. Sorry, I meant to include a link in the post:

    The trailers range from $90-$125 per night. Which really isn't that bad considering the size. And besides the outdoor shower (which really wasn't that bad) it was a pretty comfortable place to stay.