Sunday, May 30, 2010

The H&H (and the L&J)

Two of our meals in El Paso were eaten at the somewhat unlikely location of a car wash. Well, okay, it was a cafe inside of a car wash. In fact, it was a James Beard Award-winning cafe inside of a car wash.

For lunch on Friday we stopped there for some incredibly delicious enchiladas. We liked it so much that we returned the next morning on the way out of town for some huevos rancheros. Which I didn't love quite as much. (The egg was fried--I was expecting scrambled. I don't know why I assumed this.) But I loved the bright orange highlights, and the handwritten signs everywhere (including a drawing of a bowl of soup next to the soup specials--probably a little hard to see in this picture). And the enchiladas were awesome.

I guess you can eat while you wait for your car to be washed.

More handpainted signs outside.

For dinner we stopped at another restaurant with initials for a name. It was pretty good as well--we had guacamole tacos and chile rellenos. I love the sign with the man taking a siesta. Also note the "Welcome Bowlers"--this was all we saw all over town, particularly the airport. (Each of the luggage carousels featured a giant pinata in the shape of a bowling pin and ball).

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  1. I love it! I wanna go to El Paso now! The thought of LAX airport welcoming bowlers with pinatas at the baggage claims made me chuckle, I love small towns!