Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Along the Missouri River

On our last day in Kansas City we had managed to run out of things to do (got a little over-zealous the first couple days!--that and more places are closed on Sundays). So we wandered around a bit near City Market and stumbled upon this pedestrian bridge, which crosses over railroad tracks. We decided to explore a little more, and discovered that it was part of the Riverfront Heritage Trail, which it seems was completed fairly recently.

A train passing by underway. It seemed like it went on and on for miles.

We continued down the trail and came across the remains of this brick building. The walls are more or less in tact (with flowers in the window sills!), but there is no roof (not to mention doors or windows).

A railroad bridge crossing the Missouri River. There sure are a lot of trains passing through on a Sunday afternoon.

We walked along the trail until we got to a park, at which point we decided to turn around and have dinner before heading to the airport. It made for a nice farewell to the city.

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