Monday, August 30, 2010

The Kansas City haul

Before I move on to other things, I thought I'd share some of the great stuff that I brought back from Kansas City. In addition to about a dozen vintage paperbacks (not shown below), I picked up some beautiful objects around town.

One of my first stops in town was at Hammerpress, where I bought this postcard, printed on a nice, thick stock (more on the books it's resting on tomorrow).

And I couldn't resist grabbing some vintage Missouri advertising pencils. I especially like how the pink one, while primarily for a business that deals with saws, also reminds you to go to church.

The bulk of the purchases were made at the River Market Antique Mall, which consists of four floors filled with an incredible assortment of wares. I found a couple of Cathrineholm lotus bowls, in green

and orange. (They also had blue and yellow but I cut myself off.)

One of my favorite things I bought might be this antique carbolic acid bottle. I love the skulls on the label. I might have to add antique poison bottles to my list of flea market objects to look out for.

I feel like silhouettes are getting a bit played out, but for 5 bucks I decided to grab this one (labeled on the back "November 1962").

Grabbing based on bargain price seemed to be a common occurrence: for $2.95, a striped mug from Japan. Why not?

It was especially helpful that I found this locker basket (of slightly different design from the ones I got at Brimfield), which I used to hold all of the objects I picked up along the way. It's kind of a miracle that we managed to pack it all. We didn't even have to check any of our luggage!

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