Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wrapped twigs

When I saw this post about yarn-wrapped twigs I found the idea intriguing--so simple, barely above little kids' arts and crafts project level, yet beautiful and sculptural.

I don't have a yard so twigs are in somewhat short supply, but I recently came across a bundle (don't ask) and instantly thought of this project. So I took a few home, dug into my yarn stash, and got to stick wrapping. Then I strung them into a kind of mobile using white thread, and hung them on the bedroom wall. The thread looks invisible against the wall, like the twigs are floating.

I had been struggling to figure out what to hang on the wall above the bed--I wanted something different, subtle, kind of minimalist. And this is exactly it! (Although I think I might want to add a few more sticks to the mix.)

P.S. I need to do something about those electrical cords!

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