Monday, August 23, 2010

Snowcones in the garden

It may seem a little silly, but the idea to visit Kansas City didn't actually originate with a baseball game, though that was what led us to go on those particular dates. The germ of the idea came about when I read about Fresher Than Fresh snow cones.

Every Sunday afternoon this adorable 1957 Shasta trailer sets up in a garden and serves snow cones made from natural ingredients.

Blackberry lavender, green tea pear, watermelon basil...they all sound pretty enticing. But it only took about a second for me to know that I wanted the espresso Mexican cane sugar (which came drizzled with a bit of sweetened condensed milk on top). And I'm pretty sure it was the right decision.

Dave got the lime mint. Also very refreshing.

We took a stroll around the neighborhood, which contained a handful of restaurants serving fresh, locally grown ingredients (we'd had breakfast at one of them, Bluebird bistro). We also noticed quite a few amazing homes mixed in with some that looked like they were falling apart, and came to the conclusion that some artistically inclined people must be buying up these crumbling older houses at relatively low costs and renovating them. I love how the above one maintains some of the (I'm guessing) original facade, with the gray and wood additions to give it more of a modern shape.

An intriguing sign in the window of a building that looked otherwise empty.

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  1. Oh how I love the sno cone trailer! In a bizarre coincidence, I just bought a metal mobile sno-cone cart! It has no machinery and now that I have sorta looked into having a sno cone business, there seem to be a million hoops to jump through. I only spent $40 on the cart and while its a fixer upper, it could be any type of mobile business cart. I do love the idea of sno-cones though. I always get one when I am at the Swap Meet, ours are not as groovy desish as those in the shasta. Whatta great idea :-)