Sunday, February 15, 2009

Frawgge Mfrg Co

Dave had asked for a jigsaw puzzle this past Christmas, which was a bit of a challenge, as I didn't really want to buy one that featured kitties in a basket or landscape scenes or whatever you usually find on the average jigsaw puzzle. After a lot of internet searching I found one that sports an Edward Gorey drawing.

There are so many great details in this picture, and most of them are really similar, which made it quite a challenging puzzle to complete.

We sat down one Sunday, expecting to finish it within the afternoon. A week later, we were finally putting the last pieces in place.

One of my favorite sections.

We left the puzzle on the kitchen table for another couple of weeks, as after all that I couldn't bear to take it apart just yet. But after doing some cleaning in the kitchen today, I decided it was time to put it away and reclaim the table for its actual function (not that we really eat there that often).

I was a little sad, but we can always put it back together again one day.

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