Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where to go next?

Dave had had the idea to document our travels around the country by buying a vintage map, mounting it on cork board, and sticking a pushpin in each city we've visited.

When I saw this map in the gift wrap section at Greenwich Letterpress I knew it was perfect for the project. Unfortunately, I had some trouble finding cork board in the right size (not to mention that it's a lot more expensive than I thought) so I bought rolled cork, which then needs to be mounted to something else, so I also bought a piece of foamcore. I adhered everything using a spray adhesive, figuring that would be the easiest way to get an even coat. By the next day, the map and cork had both curled away from their respective backings. The next step was to peel everything apart, reglue it with mod podge, and trim away the edges that had ripped. Since I'm not exactly the most precise with the xacto, I didn't make the cleanest, straightest cuts, but I think it more or less looks good--but what a headache!

The middle of the country is sorely lacking* in pushpins, so we have promptly planned a driving tour of the southwest for this summer.

*While Dave has been more or less everywhere after multiple tours of the country as a roadie/driver for various bands, we decided it only gets a pushpin if we went there together. Aww.

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