Sunday, February 1, 2009

New day, new month, new calendar page.

I got this lovely letterpress calendar from The Paper Thieves (looks like there's still one in stock here as of this moment). I've never had a tear-off calendar before, so this morning when I realized it was February 1st, I got very excited.

The suspense builds...

Almost there...

It's February! (Okay, okay, I guess it's been February for about 13 hours now, but it's fun to imagine that my peeling off the calendar sheet is actually ringing in the new month.)

I also feel compelled to mention the letterpress tray that so perfectly complements the calendar. I bought the tray at a flea market awhile back (the same day I bought those keys I mentioned yesterday) and it sat leaning against the wall until a few weeks ago when I finally bought some sawtooth picture hangers, which I then nailed into the back. At first I was thinking that I needed to find some small items to display in it, but I also like it just the way it is.

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