Saturday, February 14, 2009

I choo-choo-choose you!

For Valentine's Day this year Dave gave me a particularly inspired gift:

A giant mug filled with craft supplies. Since I can't take wrap-around photos (obviously), you probably can't tell that it says CRAFTER MUG. And on the bottom: "Crafter MugTM is a limited edition 2009 Valentines Day production. Davey Hyde, Ltd." It was drawn on with a special paint marker that can be used on ceramics, metal, glass, and so on. You just have to bake it in the oven after it's done drying. We tried this once before and the result was pretty good but the design I drew has been getting scraped off bit by bit after washing. Maybe you can't use ceramics with a glaze. But I digress.

(Note: I'm sort of regretting not waiting to clean up before taking the picture, as I've revealed that we are slobs.)

There's also a little tutorial on how to make a valentine, in case you weren't sure (hint: it involves a paper heart, scissors, ink, and stamps). Funny enough, neither of us gave the other something like this.

Inside the mug were some typewriter font rubber stamps, inkpads, xacto blades (papercutting, here I come!), mod podge, and foam brushes. All very useful things.

(Not pictured but also sticking out of the mug--sort of--was a reissue of the Beyond the Implode single. Sadly, my favorite song is not on it. But still a good gift!)

In hindsight I decided it wasn't quite apparent enough just how big the crafter mug is, so here it is next to a regular size mug. That would hold a lot of hot chocolate.

I went the more traditional Valentine's Day route of cards and treats: truffles from Jacques Torres (which is conveniently across the street from where I work), seltzer (Dave's favorite), and mulled cider spices.

This is the second year in a row that I made a card, and then happened to see one in a store that I couldn't resist--who could turn down squirrels in love? (For those interested, while I bought the card at Greenwich Letterpress, it can also be purchased online at the Enormous Champion etsy store.)

I've never actually made hot apple cider but I saw these mulled cider sachets on etsy, and thought that cuddling with (or maybe just while drinking) cider sounded like a nice thing to do on Valentine's Day. I really like the little pouch.

For the handmade card I experimented with sewing on paper. It came out kind of messy looking (hey, it was my first attempt), but then again I sort of like the drawn-by-a-little-kid aesthetic. I'd also like to practice more and eventually make something that looks a bit neater, but I thought this was a good start.

I love secret messages.

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