Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's my birthday!

The day started out pretty well. I awoke to a light snowfall, not enough to require strenuous shoveling or create hazardous driving conditions, but just enough to add a beautiful dusting on the tree branches. Also, on the way to the train station I encountered three deer crossing the road. Each of them leaped over a large stone wall, and I watched their little tails scurry off into the brush. It was a lovely morning drive!

Most of the work day was pretty busy, but my co-workers bought me a chocolate mousse cake from Rocco's Pastry Shop on Bleecker Street (I wholly approve).

In addition to taking my car for an oil change and shoveling the driveway (a lot more snow fell throughout the day), Dave took me out to dinner at this Indian restaurant in our town, which was insanely filling, though delicious (and we have tons of leftover Chana Masala for lunch tomorrow).

But the nicest surprises came when we got home. The first thing I noticed was a white pastry box sitting on the counter, inside of which I found cannolis and cream puffs from my favorite local bakery, The Goodie Shoppe. Then I found a wrapped package sitting on the coffee table, which contained two books. The coolest thing by far though was this:

He xeroxed my knitting needles in the shape of my name. Coolest card ever.

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