Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bauhaus inspiration

On Friday we braved the post-Thanksgiving crowds and headed down to MoMA to check out the new Tim Burton exhibit and a few smaller ones that were about to close. It seems that you have to reserve tickets in advance for Burton and they were all sold out. But I did get to see a great exhibit on the Bauhaus movement, of which I knew very little, and I left feeling pretty inspired.

For one, I love this silk wall hanging by Anni Albers. I just started working on a cotton knit rug for the bedroom (we'll see how long that takes) and after seeing this I decided to scrap everything I'd already done (luckily, not too much) and do something more along the lines of this tapestry.

I also love these nesting tables by Anni's husband Josef Albers. They're still in production today, if you have a spare $2,100 to spend. I feel like if I could find some plain ones of a similar design I could get the same effect by painting the tops. Not that I need to fill my apartment with DIY Bauhaus ripoffs.

I also loved this periodical shelf, designed by Walter Gropius. Come to think of it, it actually doesn't look like it'd be that difficult to make, using the proper tools. (Just kidding...sort of.)

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