Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bedside tables and faulty alarm clocks

Back in October I went to an estate sale in Connecticut and somehow never posted about what I came back with: this little side table that I've been using as a night stand.

It has a plastic hollow base, with the top just sort of resting on it (as opposed to actually being attached to it). I've never really seen anything similar before, and while I guess it's not the ideal nightstand (no drawers or compartments), I'm still happy with it.

Shortly thereafter I bought this reproduction of the Big Ben Moonbeam alarm clock that was popular in the 50s. Besides looking cool and matching the table, it's supposed to start off by flashing a light, and then if that doesn't wake you up within five minutes, an alarm bell will sound--the idea being that you'll be gently roused from slumber, rather than wrenched awake by an annoying buzzer. Sounds good, except that lately the bell hasn't been going off. And even though the flashing light alone sometimes does the trick, there have been a few times when we've woken up fifteen minutes late to see the light still flashing. So it's going back to L.L. Bean, and I need to find a new alarm clock.

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