Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday decorating: paper garland

These past couple of weeks we've been decorating the apartment for Christmas (we don't like to waste any time with that stuff--day after Thanksgiving=Christmas season). It really makes your morning coffee feel so much more festive when you have a Christmas tree to look at.

I decided that the entrance way to the living room was screaming for a garland, so I started going through all the scraps of paper I've collected over the years.

After I had amassed a pile of holiday-esque papers, from old calendars to magazine cut-outs to Whole Foods bags to paper doilies (not to mention a few plain pieces of kraft paper that I rubber stamped), I started cutting them out into triangles. Then I cut out some white circles and drew a letter on each of them, gluing the white circles to the triangles.

Finally, I cut out a piece of twine and taped it to the backs of each of the triangles and hung it in the doorway. While this one is definitely going to be seasonal I think there needs to be a garland hanging here year-round.

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