Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday decorating: stockings

Last year I decided to make some new stockings for me and Dave. I had an old plaid bathrobe that didn't really fit me anymore (I'd had it since I was about ten years old--ridiculous). I thought the colors were kind of Christmassy so I cut them into stocking shapes, lining the insides with random bits of scrap fabric to help maintain their shape, and sewed on a belt loop from the robe to use for hanging.

The only thing left was to sew our names on. A little sloppy but I'm fine with it.

Also in the window is this vintage Christmas card that I gave to Dave a few years ago. I got it at Alphaville, a great vintage toy store a few blocks from where I work.

The best part is the actual mint that Santa is holding in his little paper mitten. I can't believe the card stayed in tact all those years!

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