Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pictures of Marfa

Most of Marfa consists of former (or current) feed stores, gas stations, buildings owned by the Judd Foundation, dumpy looking houses, and galleries. I kind of like it though.

The building in the background is the El Paisano Hotel, whose claim to fame is that the film crew of the movie Giant stayed there.

We saw a lot of signs like this outside of businesses. This one might just be a joke though (it's on the door of a gallery). Then again, maybe not.

There was a group of tables underneath a tent-like structure right across from the train tracks. We sat at one of the tables for a minute and then realized that there were footprints on it, as though someone had been dancing on it not too long ago. That's how they roll here...there's not much else to do besides dancing on tables.

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