Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Afternoon at the Chinati Foundation

While I think overall I enjoyed the morning tour at the Chinati Foundation a little more than the afternoon, the later tour had its highlights. First on the agenda was Dan Flavin's large-scale fluorescent light works.

I really liked these, especially the visual effect they created when standing up close to the lights.

Although after awhile it did start to get repetitive--it's essentially the same thing over and over spread throughout six identically-shaped buildings.

Another really interesting building is this mess hall, in which glass frames were placed around original paintings from the 1930s found on the walls in order to preserve them just as they were.

The last things we saw were Donald Judd's 15 concrete boxes that run along the border of the property, which was technically after the tour was over--we were given the option of checking them out before the place closed, and I think only one other group of people chose to do it. I guess they'd had it with minimalist art for one day (admittedly about halfway through the boxes I started to get a little tired myself).

They're pretty awesome though. And there's no tour guide to tell you not to touch them.

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