Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get Creative with Penguin, part deux

Today the second episode of Get Creative with Penguin, a show on Penguin's Video and Radio Network that focuses on creativity and crafting, goes live. As I mentioned when I posted the first episode, this is a fairly new project for me and it's an enormous amount of work, but at the very least it's about something I really enjoy.

In the above video Summer Pierre, author of The Artist in the Office, describes a few ways to make your work day more tolerable—I now do this by drawing giant back drops for video sets and making illustrations of the Eiffel Tower (as seen in the above clip). And if you go to penguin.com/getcreative, you can also learn to make a stuffed dog out of a pair of gloves (from the book Sock and Glove), and then Doug Lansky, author of The Titanic Awards, will show you some photos of what not to do while on vacation (he also has a few tips on what you can do to pass the time during a long airport delay). So check it out—you'll be making me happy, as it means we haven't been working on all this for nothing. And if you missed it last time, you can watch the first episode too (in which you can learn to make some very cute stuffed owls, a cute sandwich—we're all about cute here—and a worm bin—okay, not so cute but very useful if you have a garden).


  1. This is so cool! I unknowingly made a "view" at my desk at work, I drew my little side yard with my vintage trailer and hot tub and plants and stuck it on the computer so whn I'm at work, I can think about my "Happy Place"! I will def. be looking at the rest of that episode. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!!