Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More pictures around Marfa

My trip to Marfa feels like it happened ages ago, even though it's only been a few weeks. But I still have so many photos left to share (ha)! Here are some random photos from around town.

The hammock grove at El Cosmico. We spent a little while Monday afternoon reading (as there is not much else to do on a Monday in Marfa).

Outside Padres, quite possibly the only bar and music venue in town. It gets pretty hopping on the weekends but it was pretty quiet on Monday at 4 (I don't know why we were so hungry so early) while we ate rice and beans and listened to Willie Nelson.

Great sidewalk art.

Dave told me that Robert Frank already took this photo.

The Chinati Foundation owns a castle too. They own everything.

The listings in the window at this real estate agency were all several years old and covered in dust. I don't think it's a working business anymore.

Orange shell chairs in the waiting room at the local clinic.

The keys to the Royal Mansion. When I look at this photo I just picture myself laying on the couch with the breeze coming through the windows. It was such a peaceful vacation!

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