Monday, July 6, 2009

New pillow design

After how pleased I was with the USA map pillow I decided to try out a variation on the idea. Because as much as I love road trips, I like boat rides...well, maybe not quite as much but they're pretty fun too.

The lino-cut of a sailboat.

A successful test print on paper (this gives me an idea for a card too now...).

I was originally planning on just having one print but the first one was a little light (guess I should do a tester on a scrap fabric too) so I ended up printing several boats.

A close-up--not bad. I think this method will always yield a textured-looking line as opposed to a smooth line.

And the rest of the design--I embroidered the imagined routes that the boats have taken (the fourth one at the top right is that of a boat that you can't see, which I did because that section was looking a little bit empty).

Stay tuned for the final product.

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